Daniel & Taylor

“Melissa, would you be interested in photographing a wedding?” I remember the question like it was yesterday. Joe, a friend of mine, asked me if I would be interested in photographing his nephew’s wedding. I remember sitting there in shock for the most part. “Me? A wedding? What?! I just photograph animals at the zoo and my kid…not weddings!” After playing with the idea of it – I knew I couldn’t become a professional photographer unless I started somewhere, so I agreed to it. My very first wedding ever booked was Daniel & Taylor’s beautiful wedding. I knew it was the perfect match when I got to meet Taylor for the first time. We clicked right of the get go!

The wedding, group shots, and reception were all so easy to shoot because I felt like I was already part of the family. Everybody welcomed myself and Chris in as if we were their own.

Thank you so much to the Kanten’s and the Wygal’s for allowing me into their lives for the day to capture this amazing day. Enjoy these photos!

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Amanda & Brody

Amanda and I have been friends for as long as I could remember. In high school we spent endless nights eating pizza while watching a never ending supply of movies. We went to the football games together, got snowed in at my grandparents, and so many other memories. It was so fun to get together with her to photograph her and her son, Brody. I remember the day Brody was born as I was able to be there. It sure has been a crazy ride for Amanda & Brody – but she has handled everything life has given her like a champ! Enjoy your photos Amanda!

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The Metz’!

I met Amanda through work. She is a member at the clubhouse that I work at. Amanda did our family photos last year for us – so I of course had to return the favor! I love her kiddos so much, they are a riot! Thank you so much Amanda for letting me capture photos of you and your beautiful children!

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