Canby High School Senior Photos: Shawn

I had the privilege of photographing Shawn’s senior photos for Canby High School. When Shawn graduated from 8th grade, I was there to snap a few graduation photos of him then – and now…HE’S A SENIOR! Where did the time go? We shot his photos at Molalla River State Park on one of the last sunny days we have had for the month of October and the weather held out! (Thank you weather God’s!) His girlfriend joined us for the shoot as well, and I was able to snag a couple of photos of the two of them together. The thing I love about photographing Shawn is how funny he is. We could be trying to take the most serious photo ever, and he will be there to crack a joke and make everybody just say…”Oh Shawn…”

Thank you Christie for picking me to take his senior photos. Now, here are a few sneak peeks from the shoot! Enjoy!

IMG_3232IMG_3236 (2)IMG_3248IMG_3250_bwIMG_3257IMG_3277 (3)IMG_3285IMG_3366

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